Sawatch x Cotton Blossom Caramel: The Butter Makes It Better

What happens when a Colorado sweets maker with a background in the dairy industry needs the perfect butter for her caramel confections?

She takes her discerning palate around town to find a product and supplier that lives up to her high standards.

Liz Deen, founder of Cotton Blossom Caramel, was doing just that when she stumbled upon Sawatch Artisan Dairy.

“Ever since I met the Sawatch family, I have been purchasing their butter. I will never purchase anything but their butter,” says Liz, “It is absolutely incredible.”

It was at the Backyard Market in Black Forest when Liz first sampled Sawatch and brought a roll of sweet cream butter back to her kitchen.

“The very first thing I made as soon as I got home was a batch of my caramel. I followed that up with sugar cookies and chicken alfredo. The creamy buttery goodness hooked me at first bite.”

Butter is the star ingredient in Liz’s caramel, which is why quality counts and makes all the difference when she’s crafting her small-batch gourmet chews and sauces.

Sawatch founder Jennifer Gomez is grateful for the relationships our brand has formed since its start. “It’s important for us to know where our food comes from, and when we connect with other local makers with similar practices and values, it’s exciting to see what we can create together!” says Jennifer.

“Sawatch’s butter, on first sight, is different. The color, the taste, the texture, the way it melts, is all superior!” says Liz, “It incorporates within my caramel perfectly. No separation or excessive whisking to bind them together. You really get the flavor and the taste and quality. And it shines like crazy.”

From beautiful baked goods to standout restaurant dishes, specialty sandwiches to palate-pleasing desserts, Sawatch Artisan Dairy has been helping to make every bite better since 2018. It’s our devotion to our great state and culinary scene that make Sawatch a staple in kitchens across CO.

“My business began because of Sawatch. 100% of the caramel that has been made under Cotton Blossom Caramel has been made with their butter,” Liz says, “I love having that connection with a local company, with someone who is part of the community. In today’s day and age, more than ever, supporting local is so important.”

And we wholeheartedly agree. There’s nothing the team at Sawatch loves more than seeing other Colorado businesses, chefs and makers use Sawatch products to create something all their own.

“We believe our locally owned businesses are key to creating a thriving and sustainable community,” says Sawatch’s Jennifer, “By building relationships with our fellow local makers and supporting their business, we in turn create a stronger local economy and can make a lasting positive impact within our community together.”

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