Delicious Alone. Better Together.

A savory and supremely satisfying guide to pairing your favorite Sawatch cheeses with our favorite River Bear meats.

Pairing #1

6 Month Aged Gouda with Orange Habanero

When you want to go bold with your cheese board, consider pairing our semi-hard 6 Month Aged Gouda with the spicy bite of River Bear’s Habanero Orange Pork Salami. The latter is kicked up with peppers and tart orange zest for a sweet southwestern flavor and partners well with our gouda’s smooth flavor.

Pairing #2

Premium 18 month Aged Gouda with Smoked Turkey Breast

Our 18 Month Aged Gouda is about as rich and nutty as a cheese can get. We love serving it alongside River Bear’s Smoked Turkey Breast for a complex and comforting pairing that adds depth and deliciousness to every gathering.

Pairing #3

White Cheddar with Spanish Chorizo

Sawatch White Cheddar is a simple, mild cheese that pairs well with things that are big and bold and strong. With a nice milky flavor and creamy finish it practically begs to be eaten with River Bear’s Spanish Chorizo, which is loaded with sweet and hot paprika, cumin, coriander, and garlic.

Pairing #4

Fenugreek Gouda with the Capicola

Gouda is great, but Fenugreek Gouda might be even better. We take our nutty, buttery gouda and add fenugreek to open up your palate. It segues perfectly into the flavors of River Bear’s Capicola, an Old World pickle-brined beef brisket, smoked and spiced with coriander, chili, garlic, and fennel.

Pairing #5

Sage gouda with Bresaola

We took this lovely herb and infused it into our popular Gouda to make Sawatch Sage Gouda, a true culinary pleasure. We think it’s best enjoyed alongside River Bear’s traditional Lombardi-style Bresaola, an Italian favorite with a special kick of mustard and ginger.

Pairing #6

Organic Cheddar with Summer Sausage

Grass Fed Organic Cheddar has a beautiful yellow color and nice grassy notes. We love to pair it with the classic River Bear Summer Sausage — 7x Wagyu beef, smoked then spiced with strong flavors of mustard, red pepper, and coriander. It’s a treat with all the homey, midwest feels that’s perfect for an afternoon adventure.

Pairing #7

Pepper Jack with City Ham

When your gathering calls for something spicy, sweet, smoky, and salty to please lots of palates, consider this pairing. We love our Pepper Jack served with River Bear’s star City Ham — brined in brown sugar, black pepper, and coriander then smoked with real pecan and peach wood.