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High-quality Colorado dairy products handcrafted with care, time and good taste.

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Making every bite better since 2018

Perfectly crumbly and melty cheeses that add a delicious dimension to any dish. European-style sweet cream butter rich enough to make both fancy pastries and morning toast sing in equal measure. (And that’s just a taste.)

Sawatch is setting out to elevate the way people eat, from the first bite to the last.

— And, okay, maybe just one more.



Our commitment to a slow, artisan, handcrafted process is what makes everything we make that much better. We’d love to show you how our dairy is different.

What People Are Saying About Sawatch

I bought some mid-summer and I’m hooked! I haven’t had butter this good since we lived in Europe.

Colorado Travel Bug

Having lived in the Netherlands, kudos to your aged Gouda! I thought I was back in Amsterdam. Your butter is amazing too! Loving your products.

Lee Louzon

Simply the best butter I’ve ever had!

About the Springs

I love being able to work with and support local growers, ranchers and producers. Sawatch is one of my favorite local producers to work with. Their products are as great as their company.

Chef Noah Siebenaller

We love Sawatch, we won’t ever buy any other cheeses or butters!!

Charity Breed
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